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The International Economics Olympiad is an annual competition in economics for high school students that promotes financial literacy among youth and takes place every summer, gathering teams from all over the world. The Chairman of the IEO Advisory Board is Eric Maskin, who is a professor at Harvard and a Nobel Laureate.

Become the IEO National Organizer and bring your country to the IEO 2024!
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Exclusive partnership
You become the only IEO partner in your country — no other organization will be able to apply for the Olympiad, and the prestigious right to be named the IEO National Organizer in the country will be exclusive
You reap considerable reputational profit from organizing the National Selection for the IEO which proves the Organization’s expertise in the field of Economics and its great managerial and methodological skills
You gain access to the international network of the best Economics educators who are ready to share their experience and knowledge with peers
You get the opportunity to reach the talented youth in your country and abroad and raise their awareness of the Organization’s educational policies and special programs for students,thus incentivising the best young minds to join your institution/company
Benefits of joining the IEO
Talented youth
You gain the right to influence the outcome of the International Economics Olympiad (number of medals, distribution of trophies) and its procedures by voting as a member of the International Board
Winners of the National Selection get a chance to represent their country at the international level competing with students from all around the world and getting awards for notable results
Branded gifts
IEO participants receive merch packages uniting  them with the international IEO community
IEO participants gain access to the network of best young economists from different countries who are ready to share their experience and knowledge with peers
IEO contestants get scholarships at universities in their countries and abroad
IEO medal increases students’ chances to get enrolled to the world’s best universities that, to our experience, value good results at the Olympiad
We encourage contestants to participate in educational and cultural events such as guest lectures, guided tours of host countries and networking activities
IEO Contestants get access to extended educational and networking opportunities:
Cultural Program
Steps to join
Major deadlines
To send a national team to the IEO, an organization (ministry, educational organization, university, etc.) has to officially apply for participation in the IEO and hold a national competition to select up to 5 contestants. The selection can be created from scratch or be based on some existing contest. The organization whose application is approved by the Executive Board becomes the official representative of the nation at the Olympiad.
Hold the National Selection
31 January 2024
30 June 2024
Preliminary Early-Bird Application deadline. The results of the Voting are posted before 1 March.
Preliminary Late Application deadline. The results of the Voting are posted before 20 June.
International Economics Olympiad 2024
30 April 2024
22 July - 31 July
Deadline for providing information about the IEO 2024 team members.
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