To Whom It May Concern,

The International Board of the International Economics Olympiad (IEO IB) has accepted the University of Latvia's application to become the Host Organization of the IEO2021. According to the application, the International Economics Olympiad 2021 will be held online.

Danil Fedorovykh, President of the IEO, congratulated Latvia on the results of voting and welcomed the chosen format: "Given the current situation, there is very little chance that the world will come back to normal in terms of international events by next summer. The IEO should be hosted on a rotational basis, so I thank Latvia for their initiative, which will keep this rule online".

The representative of the Host Country 2021, Mārtiņš Danusēvičs, has appreciated the decision of the International Board: "On behalf of the University of Latvia, I express my gratitude for entrusting us with this upcoming event. Our team will start the necessary planning as soon as possible and we will be in touch with the IEO office and any colleagues willing to lend a helping hand".

The initial plan was for Kazakhstan to host IEO2020 as an in-person event, and despite the Olympiad being moved online, the IEO community was still hoping to meet in Nur-Sultan in 2021. Now, when the online format for 2021 seems the most rational choice, Latvia has taken the opportunity to submit their application. The representative of Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) Ruslan Muldashev has assured that Kazakhstan welcomes and supports Latvia's application: "The AIFC team will share experience from IEO2020 organization and provide any kind of assistance".

The IEO Office and the Boards consider the online format of 2020 and 2021 as a temporary measure and hope to return to in-person events after 2021.

The application for participation in the IEO2021 is open. Organizations are invited to send their applications to

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