IEO OpenTrack

A parallel category in the International Economics Olympiad for everyone who wants to take part in the competition in a more relaxed format.

The competition will be held from 26 July till 1 August. Registration closes on 19 July.
Participation is free of charge.

Show your knowledge individually, online and in a more relaxed format! Join an international community of young Economics enthusiasts by simply registering and participating
in a competition between students from all over the world for free!
What is the IEO OpenTrack?
The goal of the OpenTrack is to offer an alternative way of participation in the International Economics Olympiad on less demanding terms to a wider audience. OpenTrack contestants participate in three main rounds of the IEO: the Financial Literacy Game, the Economics Test, and the Business Case.

The activities are exactly the same as the ones proposed for the MainTrack.
OpenTrack contestants compete independently from the MainTrack contestants, and have their own scoring and normalization.

The OpenTrack was created mainly for the purposes of popularization of knowledge: to provide access to the IEO to a wider audience, help disseminate knowledge of Economics, provide new experiences and a community of like-minded people.
To get a real taste of the International Economics Olympiad and prepare to represent your country on the MainTrack in following years
To test your knowledge of Economics, Financial Literacy, and real-world Business Cases
To meet other brilliant people who share your passion, expand your professional network, and make friends from all around the world
To attend lectures and workshops by successful economists, business experts and other guests
Who can join the OpenTrack?
People of all ages and backgrounds can participate.
It is a perfect option for:
Students younger than high school age who are not yet eligible to participate in the MainTrack, but are already interested in Economics;
Contestants of national Olympiads who were not selected for their respective Delegations in the given year;
Individuals older than the eligible age for participation on the MainTrack (as per Statute, 2.6.3) who want to test their knowledge of Economics and learn something new;
Prospective organizers of national Olympiads who are observers at the IEO
Participation is free of charge
Take a look back in time at precious events, such as last year's Opening Ceremony. Even Eric Maskin spoke!
The aims of the IEO OpenTrack:
To give an opportunity to those not eligible to participate in the MainTrack to test their knowledge of Economics, Finance, and Business;
To provide a new platform of active observation of the IEO to prospective representatives of national Olympiads;
To introduce an intermediate step between being an outsider and a full member of the IEO Community, for both prospective contestants and Olympiad organizers.
Download the OpenTrack Schedule