Answers to the most frequently asked questions
Where exactly will the Olympiad take place?
We have booked a beautiful resort near Saint Petersburg β€” Kochubey Center (website in Russian). Contestants and team leaders will spend there most of the time. Kochubey Center is a unique architectural structure - an innovative educational center based on the mansionof the beginning of the 20th century. The Kochubey Π‘enter includes a SPA-complex with sauna, hammam, swimming pool and a gym, a restaurant with its own kitchen, parking and a large area for exploring the historic site.
How will we get there? Should we book transportation by ourselves?
The Steering Committee will take care of all transportation, including meeting the delegations at the airports, excursions etc. Our staff will be waiting for you at the arrival hall after your plane lands. After that, our shuttle service will bring you to the Olympiad venue.

In case you don't want to be met at the airport and/or don't want to go straight to Kochubey Center (for instance, if your flight arrives early in the morning and you want to spend the day in the city), contact us at info@ecolymp.org to discuss the plan.
What documents should I bring with me?
No special documents are needed except the consent regarding processing your personal data (download PDF here) signed by you. This applies to all contestants, team leaders, observers and visitors. Note that if the contestant is younger than 18 years, their parent (legal guardian) must sign the consent as well.

If it's not too difficult, contact your physician and request the document that you are healthy (in any case, the team leaders should know everything about contestants' health problems and medications that they take).
What else should I bring with me?
Think of your trip to the IEO as of any other trip. Check the weather - it could be rather cold even in summer. If you are going to participate in sports activities, bring appropriate clothing and footwear. Kochubey Center provides services for washing and ironing.

Also, we highly recommend bringing laptops with some presentation software (Powerpoint, Keynote) β€” at least one or two for a team. This will help you prepare for the business case presentation (you don't want to make do with just a flipchart, do you?). Wi-Fi Internet access will be available.
Do I need money?
As you know, participation in the IEO is free of charge (unless you are an observer or a visitor). We will take care of all transportation, accommodation and food, so don't expect to pay anything for this. Some additional services in the hotel (laundry, bar etc.) may be provided at a price, so have it in mind if you are planning to use them. VISA and Mastercard are accepted almost everywhere in Russia, ATMs that can give you rubles are available in the airports and elsewhere. If you need a currency exchange, you can find one at the airport.
What is the dress code for the Olympiad (competition and ceremonies)?
There is no special dress code for competition β€” you should just look good πŸ™‚ One thing you should have in mind is that during the Closing Ceremony winners will be invited to the stage and photographed. Also, the Jury will expect to see good-looking presenters during business case presentations (part 3 of the Olympiad).
What is a 'Day in Saint Petersburg'? Is it mandatory to attend?
Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city that you should not miss. The main venue of the Olympiad is outside the city, therefore you won't be able to walk around the downtown every evening. During the Day in Saint Petersburg, our guides will help you explore the city and learn more about Russian history and culture. So we highly recommend going.
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